Plateau Valley High wins international competition

Posted: Mar 10, 2009 7:27 AM MDT Tuesday, March 10, 2009 9:27 AM EST Updated: Mar 11, 2009 4:28 PM MDT Wednesday, March 11, 2009 6:28 PM ESTexternal image 9978127_BG1.jpg
Just recently we told you about the Plateau Valley High School students heading off to an international competition. Now we have an update on how they did in the Robotics Challenge in San Diego.
The Robotics Team took home the top prize, winning the entire competition. Plateau Valley High competed against 37 teams including ones from Brazil. They had six weeks to build a robot from scratch. Then the robots faced off with an objective to get the most balls into the opposing team's trailers.
Plateau Valley High members say they felt like the underdog going in against teams from big cities with lots of funding. They also had to overcome adversity with a system computer crash, missing practice rounds because of it.
Members say they put a lot of work and time into their robot and they are amazed to be from such a small town like Collbran, taking home national honors. Team member Ashley Travis said, "It meant a whole lot to us, because we went two years ago to the same regional and finished dead last. So doing this and coming in first was so amazing, so unbelievably amazing."
The Plateau Valley team now heads to Denver in one week for competition. After taking home the championship trophy over the weekend now they qualify for the international challenge in Atlanta with top teams from across the country.
But they can't get there unless they come up with 20,000 dollars in just the next couple weeks. If there's any way you can help the team accomplish their goals, you can call the instructor Steve Langley at 274-9891.

The Allgood News by Dave Allgood

It’s like an improbable movie Screenplay. A small Colorado “no name” School enters a nationally known Robotics contest. A competition loaded with huge highs schools with monster technology budgets. That small Colorado School? They finish last, nothing original there. But flash forward to this year. That same innocuous school heads to the big city with little expectations but a lot of heart, great work ethic and a relaxed spirit …and the next thing they know…they’re in the finals! Jaws are dropping, minds racing, shocked, nervous and in disbelief. These kids with no shot are taking aim at an amazing victory…they’re starting to believe that “they might actually have a chance?”…The Plateau Valley High School Robotics Team not only had a chance but it was their name that they heard over the loud speaker on March 7th of this year in San Diego at the Regional Robotics Competition. Disbelief turning to tangible for these overachievers and their leader Steve Langley. A real life David vs. Goliath story. No Screenplay here, this is right here, right now. And this Plateau Valley movie? It’s still playing out with the major players, Brevin Currier, Corey Martin, Ashley Travis, Ethan Harvey, Lindsey Ross and PV Technology Teacher Steve Langley… still in action and the ending? It all accumulates in Atlanta at the International Robotics Championships in April. The Team came by the Studio last week (Without their robot, which is under construction)…and we were checking out all the pictures of San Diego…but it was the bright smiles and enthusiasm of these cerebral Plateau Valley High Students that caught my eyes and ears. Well spoken and a sense of humor is right up my alley. And it wasn’t the higher than normal IQ’s that really impressed me, but just the positive team feeling and genuine friendship between these Robotics members. Their win in San Diego is but a beginning for this group headed to Atlanta April 15th for a shot at the Big Time. It’s also a lesson in life on how a work ethic, a sense of sportsmanship and perseverance can pay-off!

The Robotics Team: Back Row - Steve Langley, Sergio Galindo, Josh Currier. Middle Row - Ethan Harvey, Brevin Currier. Front Row - Lindsey Ross, Ashley Travis, Corey Martin
The Robotics Team: Back Row - Steve Langley, Sergio Galindo, Josh Currier. Middle Row - Ethan Harvey, Brevin Currier. Front Row - Lindsey Ross, Ashley Travis, Corey Martin