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The 2009 Robotics season was one to remember! Winning two regional (San Diego and Denver) and then being able to attend the Championships in Atlanta sure was an amazing year! But lets here what the team members can say about it all!

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The 2009 robotics season sure was one to remember, I won two regional competitions ( San Diego and Denver). Also being able to attend the finals in Atlanta was one of the most amazing experience ever. I did very well making it to the sweet 16 during the World Championships in Atlanta, GA.
I think my favorite memory of the 2009 season was the fireworks at Olympic Park. Brevin, Chase, and I stayed after when the rest of the team left and we got to talk to Dean, the founder of FIRST Robotics, and we talked for a while because we walked all the back to the hotel instead of riding the Marta, Atlanta's public transportation system. There were also a bunch of proms that night so we got to see a lot of limos.
The 2009 season has been an amazing experience. Though i must say my favorite memory was at the San Diego Regional, when we went up against one of the best teams (968 RAWC). During that match myself and Lindsey watched as our team gave it their best, but lost the first match. Then the second match came around, and i thought for sure we were done. Then out of nowhere team Titans charged and pinned the evil red robot Rawc. hope flashed through the entire alliance as the red robot tried helplessly to get away from the Titanbots. Lindsey and i were screaming for our team...and then right as the Rawc was breaking free from the Titanbots excellent defense...the match ended…we had won. Then using the same strategy we went to beat them again the second time. With the help of the Titanbots and team Daisy we had not only beat last year's national best team, but we had won the San Diego Regional!
Robotics this year was completely amazing. This year was one full of come backs, like managing to beat the team that was one of the best in San Diego, team 968 team RAWC, to having trouble in our first couple of matches in Atlanta and managing to come in 16th place in the world. There were also a lot of just plain funny moments that happened along the way, one of witch was me getting stuck in the elevator in San Diego, to all of our crazy hair in Atlanta. Overall i think this was the most exiting and most awesome year i have had in robotics so far.
The 2009 robotics season was amazing. I will always remember our team winning both regional competitions we fought so hard to get to. I will also always remember getting into the sweet 16 spot in Atlanta.
THIS YEAR WAS UNFORGETTABLE!!!!!!! I loved everything about. I was really surprised that we got this far and I sure won't ever forget it. I remember screaming on the top of lungs when we won the Denver Regional and also when the fifth alliance in Atlanta picked us to be on there alliance. This season brought new experiences to my life such as riding on a airplane for the first time or going east of Denver for the first time. All I know is that this year was really amazing and I can't wait for the following years of robotics.