Robotics Task List

This list was built by a large collaborated effort by students and mentors on Jan 5th
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Week 4

Things to do for Robot:

  1. Finalize layout of shooter and get parts cut: get dimensions in Google sketch-up or AudoCad Inventor.
  2. Continue pick up mechanism get dimensions in Google sketch-up or AudoCad Inventor.
  3. Complete electrical board for Chassis - program and run :)
  4. Programming - learn how to program IO side of digital side card for relays -pneumatic
  5. Design Cart for 2014 Bot

Things to do to be competition ready:

  1. Name 2014 bot
  2. Finish logo or use 2011 logo and
    1. complete shirt design
    2. button designs
  3. Complete ROI for 2013 season and prepare new letter Randy S. wrote for sponsors to secure remainder of sponsorships.
  4. Scouting system and sheets
  5. Multimedia
  6. Pit layout and organization (how to be prepared with pneumatics) be strategic!
  7. Gather sponsor logos for printing
  8. Start Team essays

Week 3:

Chassis Running - no will be in Week 4 Talons are in and in holding pattern on layout of shooter.

Mechanical - we need to get drawing to our engineers so game piece can be made.
We fine tuned our geometry (still tuning)

Team voted to use pneumatic energy to power the catapult. We are problem solving most difficult problem is the solenoids allowing the force a Parker Valve does - 1/8pnt is limiting, now to find others ways to make up for this.

Week 2:

Working out details.
Team decided on "chop stick" pick up with a catapult shooter/passer.
Strategy focus:
  1. maneuverability
  2. picking up the ball
  3. scoring
  4. catching the ball
  5. passing the ball
  6. defense
  7. looks

32 x 23 long

#1 to have a working chassis - programmed in week 3
#2 to work out trig/geometry on catapult (load, velocity, effort)
#3 finish ordering materials/parts
#4 now we can work on a cart! ;D

Week 1 Monday Jan 6 - Saturday Jan 11th

  • Prepare our work space for success!
  • Finish team theme - colors, graphics, logos and motto
  • Saturday, Jan 11, 2014

    • Narrow down Strategy
      • Need to know
        • Game Rules
        • Design Rules
        • Dimensions
    • Image cRIO and begin programming process (JAVA)

    Sunday, Jan 12, 2014

    • Decide on basic design
    • Game Elements 70% complete
    • Workplace prepared for success!

Saturday, Jan 18, 2014

    • Plan/Design a travel cart once basic design is decided.
    • Draw out details, and/or build in CAD
      • After Chassis has confirmed dimensions build it