2009 – 2010 Application
Plateau Valley Robotics Team 1332



Class and personnel description:
Robotics Class consists of developing and building the robot to enter in the upcoming First Robotics Competition and raising the funds necessary to allow the class to travel to the competition(s) entered. Robotics students must be reliable, dedicated, creative, and must be able to work well with the public and other students. Robotics students must also be able to work independently and on task at all times. Most importantly, Robotics students must be able to meet specific deadlines.

Please consider the above class and personnel description before applying for this class. Return applications with letters of recommendation by Monday, November 16, 2009.

Application Questions:
Answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper. Please type your responses – no handwritten responses will be accepted.

  1. The class requires you to be creative. Explain in what ways your creativity could benefit the class.
  2. You must also be organized and reliable. In what ways do you exhibit these abilities? (Give Examples)
  3. The ability to meet deadlines is extremely important to the class. Ask two teachers to write you a brief recommendation in which they address your abilities to meet deadlines, stay on task, and avoid procrastination.
  4. Because we contact a variety of businesses and business people, a general understanding of people skills is helpful. What people skills do you possess?
  5. Name three activities you believe you will like about robotics class and reasons why.
  6. A strong team has a theme that reoccurs throughout. What theme might be appropriate for the 2009-2010 robotics team? (Last year we had a theme of one way to go; the year before we were High Altitude Attitude.)
  7. There are four groups on the robotics team, business, art, electrical, and mechanical, which one would you be most interested in and why.