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It was SOOOOOOO fun!!!


Team 1332 Discovers Atlanta, Georgia

Our robotics team finished the season with a truly amazing ending. To sum it up in Mr. Langley’s words, “We lost to the WORLD CHAMPIONS!” What an honor it is to write and say that.
What that means is that after taking first place in two regional competitions in both San Diego, California and Denver, Colorado we qualified to go to the World Champion FIRST robotics competition in Atlanta, Georgia, twice. When in Atlanta we experienced a rollercoaster of events, emotions and energy.
We had a rough start with Tater Chip’s wheels needing adjusting, cables backwards and being overwhelmed by the sheer size of Atlanta, flying, the train system Marta, riding escalators and the GEORGIA DOME! WOW! It was H U G E !!
At the Georgia Dome there were four divisions – four playing fields with about 86 teams competing in each division. Totaling close to 340 first places or highly honored robotics teams from around the World.
We started the competition off ranking 83rd out of 86 teams. We ended the qualification rounds at 35th! That alone is HUGE and tells the caliber of our students on Team 1332!

We had many more obstacles and rotten things happen like one of our alliance members blocking us and on another match the teams robot would was inoperable. We showed honor and determination by barely losing that match by 10 points, 94-104.

Would you believe things got more exciting and intense! Because we were finished unless one of the top eight seeded team chose us to be on their alliance. Team number 40, was seeded number five, from upstate New York, shocked the crowd when they graciously declined to join the number two seeded team.

When it was team 40’s turn to choose a team to join their alliance, they asked team 1332! I cried and we all cheered in sheer delight as our team captain Brandon Ross graciously and humbly accepted.
Our alliance Teams 40, 1332 and 1902 were incredible. We all sat together in the crowd to affirm our alliance and support our teams on the field. We had a powerful first round in the Division Semi Finals. In the second round we were against the number one alliance - which went on to win it all!

Team 40’s robot was jeopardized and did not run that entire match. Teams 1332 and 1902 together almost beat the number one seeded alliance. We gave it our all. The second match was also a close one but we lost it. We ended this season being in the top 24 of the WORLD and the top eight of our division!

As fate would have it we were finished and we were proud. With all of the adversity and challenges we persevered. Our students were truly wonderful! I am quite proud of each and every one of them and honored to have been a piece of this challenging adventure. The lessons learned are insurmountable including: problem solving in technology and logistics, engineering strategies, leadership, conflict management, business management, professionalism, honor, integrity and so much more.

PV-Robotics Team 1332 is actively learning, practicing, teaching, absorbing and processing the numerous lessons. What an amazing ride, thank you Tater Chip and friends.
Mrs. Nichols
Mentor/Teacher, Team 1332