external image 20th%20season%20logo.jpgDean's Homework

For 2011

Spread the word about "FIRST", use "FIRST" when communicating.

for 2010
Dean's Homework this year is to to make FIRST a spectator sport. He wants to us to invite everybody to the events to make them see what FIRST is all about. There are 1809 teams registered this year and over 200,000 students so the FIRST organization should be able to bring a lot of people to all of the events. Dean has helped us out with the homework this year by inviting a Hollywood Director and the Director of Technical Support from Cirque du Soleil join the game design this way the game would be more entertaining for people to watch.

Please do your homework and have family members and anyone to do Dean's homework as well.
Go to this web site and register PLEASE!!!!

Dean's homework Register
Information that you will need:
  1. Offical Team Name - Plateau Valley High School Robotics
  2. Nick Name - SWIFT
  3. Team Number 1332
  4. Team Address - 56600 HWY 330, Collbran CO 81624
  5. Team phone # - 970-487-3547